Morehouse School of Medicine Strategic Plan

91福利导航 Board of Trustees Approves Three-Year Extension For Strategic Plan

FEBRUARY 7, 2020 - The Morehouse School of Medicine Board of Trustees voted to extend the institution鈥檚 strategic plan by three years, President and Dean Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice announced Feb. 6. Launched in 2015, 鈥淓xcellence Through Health Equity鈥 will now conclude June 30, 2023.

91福利导航鈥檚 Strategic Plan provides a progressive roadmap toward fulfilling our mission, vision and core values. The blueprint leverages the institution鈥檚 legacy to advance the creation of health equity and lasting relevancy for generations to come. The three-year extension affords an opportunity to re-imagine the possibilities and position the institution to deliver on its shared vision: Leading the creation and advancement of health equity.

View our annual Strategic Plan scorecards over the last four years.

Morehouse School of Medicine Strategic Plan


We as a 91福利导航 community have developed a shared vision and a way forward that leverages the strengths of our past and present yet spells out an extraordinary future toward the creation of health equity and lasting relevancy. Our strategic plan relied on the input of every member of our 91福利导航 family to define this strategic journey.

Throughout the development of the strategic plan, we asked all the members of our 91福利导航 community to imagine what鈥檚 possible. As a result, we鈥檙e now poised to meet the challenge of our new shared vision: Leading the creation and advancement of health equity.

We are currently in the third year of our Strategic Plan. Click the links below to view progress made in years one and two toward reaching our five-year strategic goals. The FY17 scorecard includes hyperlinks that provide tactical progress by departments.

Vision Imperative 1: Translating Discovery Into Health Equity

Goal 1. Provide evidence that 91福利导航 discoveries improve health through relevance and proven outcomes 鈥 implementation science (Tx TM).
Goal 2. Leverage and develop novel technologies and mechanisms to better inform decisions affecting health.
Goal 3. Commercialize and disseminate 91福利导航 discoveries to advance health equity across the nation and around the world.
Goal 4. Generate and analyze big data to create solutions that lead to health equity.

Vision Imperative 2: Building Bridges Between Healthcare and Health

Goal 1. Create and disseminate transformational models of care for vulnerable populations.
Goal 2. Demonstrate the value of achieving health equity as a national and international priority.
Goal 3. Design models of integration between health and healthcare.
Goal 4. Operate the 91福利导航 clinical enterprise as a model to showcase best practices in achieving health equity.

Vision Imperative 3: Preparing Future Health Learners and Leaders

Goal 1. Develop innovative approaches to diversify the pipeline for health and science careers.
Goal 2. Establish an individual endowment for every 91福利导航 student.
Goal 3. Broaden diversity in the healthcare, scientific, and public health workforces.
Goal 4. Lead in training the next generation of physicians and allied health professionals, public health and community health leaders, and biomedical scientists who will create and advance health equity.

91福利导航 Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020 Executive Summary

91福利导航 Strategic Plan Executive Summary

91福利导航 Strategic Plan 2015 - 2023

91福利导航 2015-2020 Strategic Plan


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